Ethical Shopping for the Holidays

We’re dedicating December to ethical shopping! As consumerism ramps up as the holiday season approaches, I’d like to remind everyone that the decisions we make matter. We have the power to change the world by putting our money where our mouths are. By choosing to support ethical businesses, we are using our buying power to say “we want more of this” and rewarding those who have put in the effort and made the commitment to creating products and services that aren’t harmful to people or the planet. 

As a social business owner, it would be devastating to find out that my do-gooder business might actually be harming the world so I’ve done my best to do the research and make sure that the materials I use to make my jewelry are ethically sourced. You can find out more information about where our materials come from on our Ethical Sourcing page.

If you’re interested in ethical fashion and want to connect with like-minded people in the Austin-area, check out Conscious Crowd ATX! It’s a space where intentional and thoughtful consumers can connect throughout every part of the ethical fashion journey. 

Remnant Studios has proudly been a Conscious Crowd featured brand since [month year]. All of the brands featured are dedicated to at least two of the following values: Eco, Traceable, Social Business, Artisan-made, Certified, Handmade. I love connecting with other local business owners to discuss everything from day-to-day business to our big dreams for changing the world.

Conscious Crowd ATX is free to join and members have the opportunity to meet and mesh with other people who share the same values and commitment to ethical shopping. Membership also includes access to conscious marketplaces, workshops, events, and local Austin brands. They also have a great list of resources on their website for those interested in learning more about ethical fashion.

Happy gift-giving!