About Our Processes

All of our pieces begin with raw porcelain clay. We roll it out and shape it with a needle tool, tiny cutters or even our hands. We then use the following techniques to add creative design elements...


Using a small paint brush we paint on Duncan metal lusters that are yellow gold or white gold. The lusters are kiln fired to around 1300F and are permanent. The deposited yellow gold is 22 karat gold and the white gold is 18 karat gold.


We dissolve shellac chips in alcohol and paint the solution on our raw porcelain pieces using a tiny brush. We then take a wet sponge and gently etch away the exposed clay, leaving the raised design. 


We make pieces that resemble granite by adding a colored stain directly to the raw porcelain clay and mixing it in gently. Another way we do this is by mixing a powdered stain with dry porcelain powder and rewetting it to make a solid color. We then mix this stained clay with uncolored porcelain and it also makes a granite look.  


We take hand shaped porcelain pieces and shape leather pieces to fit in between them to create one of a kind pieces.