Sojourn Studio

sōjərn/: A temporary stop where a traveler resides; respite on a journey

Sojourn Studio is an artisan community, under the wing of Global Child Advocates, created to empower, equip and give hope to Burmese teens on the Thai/Burma(Myanmar) border. These girls and their families are vulnerable to poverty, trafficking, and worst of all, hopelessness. Sojourn Studio is a stopping place for them to develop skills, practices, and confidence to grow into their lives with hope-filled forward motion. 


In 2017, I had the honor of co-founding Sojourn Studio by sharing my passion for ceramic jewelry as an instructor. I spent ten days in mosquito land working with 6 teenagers who were excited and eager to create beautiful pieces. Just 6 months later they were producing and selling their own elegant work! You can shop for their designs here.

I currently serve as the Artistic Advisor for Sojourn Studio and continue to share my experience and knowledge with the most inspirational group of women I have ever known. Their success is my success.