About Remnant Studios

Remnant Studios is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation started in 2014 with the purpose of raising funds to fight and bring awareness to the world-wide crisis of human slavery and trafficking. We do this by engaging in creative efforts that we've connected with over time. Our current endeavors include making and selling hand-crafted porcelain and wood jewelry, and shooting and printing infrared photography. 


Our studio is in the great city of Austin, TX, and we make our jewelry from raw clay and sustainable wood. To enhance porcelain's beautiful and delicate whiteness, we incorporate design elements such as water-etching, the use of colored and metal glazes and lusters, and by sometimes incorporating other materials such as leather.

We also had the amazing privilege to partner with Global Child Advocates to train teen Burmese refugees on the Thai/Burma(Myanmar) border to make ceramic jewelry in a vocational program called Sojourn Studio. You can shop for their beautiful products here and read more about them in our About Sojourn Studios page.

All profits (after cost of materials and labor compensation) are donated to local and global anti-trafficking NGOs; please see our Who We Support page.  

Thank you for shopping with purpose!