December 2019 - Voyage Dallas, an online magazine that highlights inspiring stories and local creatives and businesses, published a highlight of Remnant Studios! You can check it out here.


December 2019 - Our very own Victoria Borisch wrote a piece for BossBabe about 5 Female-Founded Nonprofits to Support this Giving Tuesday and highlighted Remnant! We're so grateful for the exposure and for the work Bossbabe is doing to encourage women entrepreneurs across the country.  


May 2019 - Brittany Flowers, the cultural reporter for KVue news here in Austin bought some earrings from me at the SXSW market in March. And asked me if I'd be up for an interview. How could I possible say no?!? Check it out here!


December 2018 - She's Fit to Lead highlighted Remnant Studios in their mission to encourage college and early-career women to be confident leaders in the real world. Check out our conversation here!



October 2018 - At the Austin Start Up Week Conference my ethical fashion friends and I had a panel discussion about what it means to be a social/ethical business in Austin, how our design process works, and what "success" means to us. It's such a pleasure to build community with these women for a common purpose. Check out their businesses (from right to left) and shop with purpose!

Jen Lewis - Purse and Clutch
Dina Chavez - SixChel
Emily Green - Emilime
Kate Davis - Collective Humanity
Jonnyka Bormann - The Onikas
ME =)


August 2018 - I had a super fun time talking with my friend Eric on his podcast: Engaging Life's Moments Presents. Eric is doing what he can, in his unique way to help those enslaved while also inspiring people to dream. You can hear our conversation here!

July 2018 - Kasi Martin at The Peahen is "on a mission to bring intellect and truth-telling back to fashion." Check out her intern Scout Gutzmerson's write up on Remnant Studios in the first of her series: Better Together: Fashion, Feminism and Philanthropy


August 2015 - At Create Whimsy, they "love learning what inspires makers, seeing where their magic happens and their journey to where they are today." Check out their Spotlight Story about Remnant Studios (then Remnant Ceramics).