Who We Support

We have chosen 3 organizations to support:

 The A21 Campaign - This is a global group fighting human trafficking in the most vulnerable parts of the planet. They fight on every side: investigating and prosecuting perpetrators, rescuing and rehabilitating victims, bringing awareness to and educating law enforcement and the public, and amending laws both abroad and in the US to better protect victims and prosecute the guilty.

 The Refuge DMST - The University of Texas published statistics in 2017 stating that there were almost 79,000 child victims of human slavery in Texas alone. Currently there are no impatient rehabilitative opportunities for them. The Refuge is a ranch just outside of Austin that provides this kind of care for minor girls rescued out of slavery in Texas. 

Global Child Advocates - GCA is an NGO in Thailand serving  Burmese refugees living on the Thai/Burma(Myanmar) border. They pursue women and children living in the margins of society and advocate for them in times of crisis. They protect children from abuse, trafficking and orphanhood by placing them in healthy, resourced families. And they empower others to advocate for children and promote family as the best model of care.