Interview with a favorite customer, Jenny Sutter

While speaking with Jen and getting her perspective on Remnant Studios, two things really stood out in our conversation: 

  1. Her appreciation for Remnant Studios 
  2. How closely human trafficking hits home for her.

“I have teenage daughters and knowing that teenage girls are one of the largest demographics out there for human trafficking makes me love being able to support Remnant Studios. Human trafficking is one of the worst things in the world today, it’s evil, pervasive and inexcusable. As a mother of girls, that’s scary.”

Jen talked about how frequently she purchases from Remnant Studios: two or three times a month for herself and her daughters and she makes sure to place emphasis on taking care of the jewelry. “My daughters know that they need to be responsible with the items (necklaces), they’re very beautiful and unique pieces. Nothing like anything you see at Target and places like that.”

As with most first time buyers, Remnant Studios’ jewelry caught Jen’s attention with the leather and porcelain chevron leaf earrings. “They’re gorgeous, not heavy at all like what you would expect for the size of the earring. I get the most compliments on those earrings.”

She also feels strongly that Remnant Studios’ jewelry is a good fit for everybody.

“I’ve purchased the jewelry for my daughters, yes. But I’ve also purchased her jewelry as gifts for friends who have been kind to our family as ‘thank you’ favors, or as a teacher appreciation gifts at the end of the school year. Her jewelry is in the right price point for her style and appropriate for multiple ages and people.”

More than simply a piece of jewelry, she reiterated the impact of the pieces:

“It’s a wonderful feeling to wear Remnant Studios, not only do you know you’re having a positive impact, but wearing it makes you feel like you play a part in making a difference.”