Interview with beloved customer, Ifeoma Ibekwe

Ifeoma took an interest in Remnant Studios by unknowingly seeing the jewelry frequently throughout the church she and creator Quinn Smith both attend. It wasn’t until she asked one of Quinn's customers where the pieces were from, that she realized they were from Remnant Studios.

Ifeoma has had a front-row seat in getting to know Quinn, and in seeing the more meticulous side behind Remnant Studios’ jewelry. This has only added to her appreciation and desire to see Remnant Studios grow. 

Her first purchases were made at a Domain event that Remnant Studios was a part of. One of those pieces, she laughingly admits, was a gift intended for a friend of hers, which she ended up keeping because she loved it so much.

With regard to her favorite pieces, Ifeoma admits, “I’m a gold wearer, it’s my favorite accent color. Remnant Studios’ pieces work well with my closet and the clothes I wear on heavy rotation. The simplicity and beauty of the pieces add intrigue and interest to my outfits that you can’t find anywhere else.”

Ifeoma described she feels a sense of honor in wearing the hand-made jewelry that Remnant Studios creates, and it makes her feel like she’s doing her part in making a difference in the world. “Remnant Studios is the kind of business you feel has purpose, you’re not just throwing your dollars to some large corporation, but to a mission. I don’t mind spending my money on Remnant Studios because the purpose they have is missional, not financial.”

"It’s a rare feeling to purchase a piece of jewelry for reasons beyond the extent of its beauty, but the beauty of freedom for human trafficking victims globally is the driving force for Remnant Studios. “In knowing who Quinn is, the detail, love, and thought put into each piece, Remnant Studios has opportunity to grow to greater platforms. It’s unbelievably creative. The world needs more of what she does, her pieces are so unique that women don’t even realize they have to have them.”