Our newest collection: Barçelona Inspirada

I fell in love with the sights of Barçelona when I visited Spain with my family in 2019 and have wanted to create pieces inspired by them ever since. Introducing.. the Barçelona Inspirada Collection!

You can’t really walk anywhere in Barçelona without seeing art. Urban settings are so wonderful for that. Salvador Dalí, Picasso, Miró, Gaudí… you can walk around the city and see their influences all around and even pop into their museums or the cathedral for deeper dives. The colors of this line were inspired by their work, from Dalí’s Untitled and Unsigned in his museum in Figueres to the grey tiles designed by Gaudí that can be found throughout the city. There are also pieces in the collection inspired by a ceiling in Gaudí’s Casa Vicens, a painted wall in his Casa Milà, and a ceiling feature in the Casa Battló. 


Even in a place surrounded by the work of art legends, the street art is, perhaps, the most influential of all. A graffiti wall I passed walking down from the Montjuic cable car back to the city inspired some of the color choices for this line, and two pieces were inspired by street art that I passed every day near my apartment. 

The profile stud earrings were inspired by the work of talented street artist BL2A. The woman’s profile he painted is all over town and an iconic part of Barçelona, in my opinion. This wasn’t the only profile that inspired me, though! I also drew inspiration from Catalan sculptor Jaume Plensa’s installation at the Montserrat Basilica.


It’s no exaggeration to say that I found inspiration everywhere I looked. A metal bowl I found in the Casa Milà giftshop lends its cool design to the hexagon pieces in the collection and a life-size mosaic in one of the metro stations inspired the more geometric designs. The wavy metal bars I found in the Casa Milà and at the Casa Vicens also lent their shape to the wavy lines earrings.


Art is how we tap into the deepest feelings of life and our nature as creative creatures. Whether you create music, words of meaning, new ideas, computer code, or do scientific research, I hope this line inspires appreciation for the creative power in all of us.

I’m grateful to have been able to explore Barçelona before COVID-19 time hit. It was truly a pleasure to revisit this beautiful city in my photos and imagination as I put this line together. I feel like it's more art than just jewelry, and that really is what I want to be doing: making art. 

Thank you for visiting the Barçelona Inspirada Collection!