The Complex Issues Surrounding Human Slavery

As an organization and as human beings, it's our mission to stand up to all forms of injustice.⁠ Proceeds from Remnant Studios go to organizations fighting human trafficking and supporting survivors of modern-day slavery. I’m incredibly proud to say that we’ve donated over $80,000 to this cause so far, and we’re only getting started.

I’ve been asked a lot recently why I’ve chosen to focus on supporting this cause, in particular, when there are so many important causes to support. To start, human trafficking is a complex issue.⁠ There are multiple layers and injustices within this blanket term.

I'm appalled that slavery is something that still exists in this day and age -- 157 years after the Emancipation Proclamation was issued and 155 years after the last of the slaves were finally freed in Texas.⁠ Modern-day slavery still takes place today in every state in the USA. The National Human Trafficking Hotline has received 20,729 contacts from TX alone since 2007 and 1,080 cases of human trafficking were reported in the state last year.⁠

Human trafficking is also a gender issue. Women and girls make up the striking majority of people who are trafficked. While exact numbers are unclear, it’s estimated that women and girls account for approximately 70% of trafficking survivors in general, and up to 99% of those forced into sexual exploitation.⁠ 

It’s also a race issue. People of color are disproportionately affected by human trafficking. Roughly 3/4 of people who have been sex trafficked in the USA are people of color and approximately 40% are Black. Beyond that, race also seems to play a role when it comes to individuals being criminalized for their exploitation. Black girls make up 52% of juvenile prostitution arrests according to data from the FBI. Rather than getting the support they need, these brave survivors are incarcerated. 

By supporting organizations that work to cut human trafficking off at the source and provide care for survivors, we’re helping women of all races, colors, and creeds. It’s not really about human trafficking as a ‘cause’, but rather about helping other human beings find freedom, get the support that they need and the justice they deserve.

While fighting the evils of human trafficking is our focus, we're committed to freedom and justice for all people who have been deprived of these rights for too long. This is just one small way I can make an impact and help those who need it most.